What Canada’s New People’s Party Stands For

Defining the Classical Liberalism, Populism, Politics of Maxime Bernier

people's party of canada

Bernier has long been a vocal critic of Canada's controversial protectionist dairy policies. (@TheAgenda)

In late August, free-trade advocate Maxime Bernier shook up Canadian politics with an unexpected announcement: he was leaving the Conservative Party, which he called “too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed, to form his own.

Less than a month later, he unveiled the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), a new grass-roots movement that is starting from scratch to take on the challenge of competing against established candidates in the 2019 elections. Its main targets: protectionism, government inefficiency, and “extreme multiculturalism.”

Backgrounder Content

  • Why did Maxime Bernier abandon the Conservative Party?
  • How is the People’s Party platform distinct?
  • What about NAFTA and Canada in NATO, OAS, and other international organizations?
  • How much support does he have?
  • Have any politicians offered support and made the move?
  • Have US politicians commented or supported Bernier?

(Download the PDF, five pages)

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Daniel Duarte

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