Brazil: Presidential Election 2018

Unprecedented 13 Candidates Face Off

"Lula" da Silva, 2003-2011 Brazilian president, seeks a comeback from prison. (LSE Library)

In October 2018, Brazilians will go to the polls to elect their president, national legislators, state legislators, and governors.

The president and governors compete in a two-round system. If no candidate surpasses the 50 percent threshold on October 7, the second-round runoff will take place on October 28.

Backgrounder Content

  • Who are the candidates, their party affiliations, their polling results, and their policy inclinations?
  • Why is Lula in jail, and how can a convicted criminal be running for the presidency? Why do people support him?
  • What criminality and known corruption has occurred that implicates the other candidates?
  • What issues are driving the campaigns? Are any liberalization proposals on the table?
  • Has anything changed with the political structure in Brazil, after these years of corruption scandals and social upheaval?
  • Further Observations

(Download the PDF, five pages)

Antigua Report Analysis

Brazil Has Not Learnt Her Lesson,” Epoch Times, by Fergus Hodgson

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Daniel Duarte

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